The Voice Next Door

Johnny Elbow sounds like the “guy next door,” if the guy next door had personality. He can make any script sound conversational, or even friendly. Oh, sorry. You wanted an actor that can bring some attitude and edge? Yeah, he can do that, too. Anyone who hears his voice can tell he’s a naturally comedic actor with strong improv abilities. Maybe that’s why so many brands call on him to bring characters to life, in everything from commercials to video games.

But Johnny Elbow is also a storyteller. He truly enjoys bringing his real, natural sound to narration. Though he may talk faster than a lot of VO guys in regular conversation, make no mistake: He can slow down and pull off dramatic reads just fine. He’s a bit of an egghead, too, and his love of learning and natural curiosity comes through in industrial projects with great sincerity.

In short, he’s a professional. An honest-to-goodness repped actor who takes direction (as well as a small fee for his trouble). Now that you know you want him for your next project, here is his agent’s contact information.

Bookings or Rate Information

Julie Holman
214.638.2414, ext. 142




Use the contact form and please provide your timeline. Johnny can generally turn around auditions within 1 business day.


Just a Few of Johnny's Past Clients